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“The most straightforward way to enhance students’ academic background knowledge is to provide academically enriching experiences, particularly for students whose home environments do not do so naturally.” (Marzano, 2004)

Over the past thirteen years Project Experience for Youth has provided valuable experiences to over 10,000 students in Ventura County (approximately 1,200 students per year).  Not only are some of these experiences a first for the students, it is sometimes a first for family members as well.

Kimberly, a 4th grade student:

“I have never been to any of those places...Before I went to the Channel Islands Floating Lab I (had never been) on a boat before…and I didn’t know much about sea life… I even got to touch animals from the ocean that I didn’t know about.”

Abisai, a 4th grade student:

“…it was really fun…we saw sea lions…(and) measured how deep the ocean was. We learned that in one drop of water there can be living things like plankton.” 

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