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Mission Statement: Project Experience for Youth provides experiential learning opportunities to disadvantaged students by widening their base of knowledge and awareness of the world, thus increasing academic achievement and building a strong future.

In the spring of 2009, teachers and  community members created Project Experience for Youth to offer students rich learning experiences that cannot be duplicated in the regular classroom. By providing trips to museums and cultural events, school outreach programs, and assemblies, Project Experience for Youth assists teachers in expanding students learning beyond the walls of the classroom and into the vast community outside. Teachers are then able to reinforce learning and use these exciting experiences to enhance the state curriculum.

Project Experience for Youth was created to provide rich learning experiences outside the classroom to students who come from economically disadvantage backgrounds and English Language Learners.  Project Experience provides students with a variety and depth of experiences that build background knowledge and improve academic content knowledge. These experiences include trips to local museums and cultural events, school outreach programs, and assemblies and are all integrated with the California Content Standards. Project Experience for Youth funds 100% of the travel expenses, entrance fees, materials for the students and parent education.   There is no cost to the school, students or families! 

Project Experience for Youth is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Federal ID Number: 26-4505172


Board of Directors


Jeff Linder, President

Elementary Math Specialist


Nicole Noren, Treasurer

Journalist / TV Producer


Annie Graton, Secretary

Elementary Teacher


Andrea Kennedy

Community Member


Mark Jester

Elementary Teacher


Michelle Townsley

Middle School Teacher


Abbey Shaw-Linder

Elementary Teacher


Marie D. Davis, Esq.



Beth Lindley

Middle School Teacher


Dan Pinedo

Community Member


Barbara Pinedo

Community Member

William Almstrom

Elementary Teacher


Rachel Crandall, Executive Director

Community Relations Manager

Department of Theater/Dance, UCSB

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