Welcome to Project Experience for Youth

Kimberly, a 4th grade student says:

“I have never been to any of those places...Before I went to the Channel Islands Floating Lab I (had never been) on a boat before…and I didn’t know much about sea life… I even got to touch animals from the ocean that I didn’t know about...”

Over the past nine years Project Experience for Youth has provided these valuable experiences.  This past year over 1,200 students benefitted from an experience provided to them by Project Experience for Youth.  Not only are some of these experiences a first for the students, it is sometimes a first for family members as well.

“…it was really fun…we saw sea lions…(and) measured how deep the ocean was. We learned that in one drop of water there can be living things like plankton.” Abisai, 4th grade student

“The most straightforward way to enhance students’ academic background knowledge is to provide academically enriching experiences, particularly for students whose home environments do not do so naturally.” (Marzano, 2004)

Project Experience for Youth was created to provide rich learning experiences outside the classroom to students who come from economically disadvantage backgrounds and English Language Learners.  Project Experience provides students with a variety and depth of experiences that build background knowledge and improve academic content knowledge. These experiences include trips to local museums and cultural events, school outreach programs, and assemblies and are all integrated with the California Content Standards. Project Experience for Youth funds 100% of the travel expenses, entrance fees, materials for the students and parent education.   There is no cost to the school, students or families!