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Olive Garden

First Grade trip to the Olive Garden Restaurant

A recent survey revealed that 20% of the students have never eaten out with their families and of the 80% who have, they mostly have eaten at fast food restaurants. Thus, as an extension to classroom study on their local community, on June 13, 2011, first grade students from Rio Real Elementary School, their teachers, and parent chaperones walked to the Olive Garden Restaurant, in Oxnard escorted by a Ventura County Sheriff.

In preparation for the excursion, teachers:
  • introduced vocabulary words
  • educated students on how to use a menu, and then had them choose their meal and draw the dollars and coins that represent the cost of their meal
  • taught them restaurant etiquette
  • asked students to highlight on a map the route from their school to the restaurant.
After being welcomed by the hostess, students walked through the kitchen on the way to their tables and then ordered their lunch from the menu
  • Students practiced what they learned while they ate.