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Maritime Museum

Third grade students and their teachers from Rio Real Elementary School traveled to Channel Islands Harbor to visit the Ventura County Maritime Museum and the Floating Lab. Prior to the trip, a survey revealed that 75% of the students had never been on a boat and 30% stated they had never been to the beach.

At the museum, students were divided into small groups and circulated through 4 stations
where they learned about:
  • knot tying, harbors and ports, whales and whaling
  • ship model building
  • various historic ships, the Korean Turtle boat
  • Chumash Indians
Aboard the Coral Sea or the Ranger 85, students cruised out into the harbor and were
divided into groups to:
  • measure water temperature and depth, wind direction and speed
  • look at a drop of water and view life forms using state of the art microscopes
  • pull mud from the bottom of harbor to touch, smell, and even taste
  • learn about and handle sea creatures including a crab, starfish, and sea urchin.
After observing the children engaged in the activities, Principal Maria Hernandez stated, “I truly believe that these are the life changing experiences that our kids need in order to set their sights on what is possible instead of the impossible.”